What Your Neighbors Are Saying About Aggregate Concrete Layer

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August 4, 2017


Did you just admire the colorful driveway in your neighbor’s home? It is made possible by stripping the top concrete layer which results in a rugged texture of the leftover material beneath it. Take help from Exposed Aggregate Perth who will be glad to implement some of the architectural designs.

This simple process of revealing the aggregate layer and creating something beautiful and admirable has its own set of advantages as per www.architectureanddesign.com.au. What are they?

Durable and long-lasting
An exposed layer of concrete is known to withstand traffic and footfall. Since the base is concrete, they can last as long as a decade or even longer. This translates to one thing- you don’t have to sell your dollars on replacing the surface.

The aggregate cement layer is resistant to extreme temperature and weather conditions. If you reside in a country or region with continuous snowfall or soaring temperature during summer, you can consider the idea of getting an aggregate concrete.

Colorful and creative
Next time you do not have to welcome your guests to a boring grey patio. When you go to this layer of exposed concrete, you have an option of amazing colors and textures. The little pebbles and stones in various shapes and size reflect a myriad of colors that can be matched with the exterior color or contrasted with them.

If you have creative DIY ideas, implement them on the concrete surface to lend a customized touch to your home.

Zero maintenance
The majority of the homeowners prefer an aggregate layer since it does not require much care. You have to clean the surface with water and seal the layer for a shiny appearance. After the initial coat, sealing is done after three or five years.

Anti-skid surface
You do not have to worry about your little one skidding or losing control on the layer of concrete. Due to the presence of stones, it gives the surface an anti-skid property. If your driveway is coated with a layer of snow, you do not have to worry about skidding or fracturing an arm.

Less expensive
Fewer materials and tools are required to create this layer in front of your doorway. There is no investment, and you can come up with a decorative and stylish aggregate layer for your home.

Techniques Adopted
One of the easiest and popular technique, the monolithic method includes creating batches of the concrete. The seeded method works on the basis of laying a group of concrete on the existing layer, while the overlay style blends the materials and applies them on top of the old layer.

Things To Consider
One of the benefits of getting a concrete surface is its ability to hide tire marks. The group of concrete materials are made of stones that come in different patterns. They hide the marks and make your patio look as good as new. Get in touch with a professional who will pour the mixture, expose it for few days, wash them clean and seal the surface for a shiny texture. This can take plenty of time, and a professional will do it the right way.

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