Life Expectancy If Store-Bought Rats

Santra Thomes
October 29, 2017

According to Vets, aspects like genetics, personal care and origin determine the rat lifespan. According to the animal experts, rats have a life expectancy of around two years or little more. When it comes to life expectancy, there is no perfect formula for a store-bought rat most of them do not come from the right type of breeders. As per the website, the store-bought rats are commonly known as ‘feeder rats,’ since they are being sold as pets as well as food for other reptiles like snakes. Read on to find some interesting facts about the store-bought rats.

In general, store-bought rats always carry some life risk as they are susceptible to diseases like cancer and have less lifespan than the other fancy rats. However, most of these commercially purchased rats live one to two years. Few of these rats, which have their origin from professional rat breeders, can live up to three years when appropriately cared by offering right food and environment.

On the other hand, the fancy rats have a well defined genetic line and are bred in ‘ratteries’ by the professional rat owners. These rats have a lifespan of two to three years and as per experts, these rats considered to be less prone to cancer and other respiratory diseases. To get a high breed and quality rat, do your search for some professional breeders in your local area. Choosing the right breeder is your ultimate responsibility as there are unethical breeders exists in the market.

Such breeders never take any responsibility and also do over breeding for commercial purposes. The lifespan of rats by these breeders is known to be low and hence buying pet rats from these breeders are not recommended. Check the testimonials of the breeders on their websites before buying the rats. Here, one should know the fact about the wild rats which have the lifespan of less than one year. The cause of death in this type of wild rats comes from the predators like foxes and owls. Besides these causes, these wild rats are killed widely by humans, cars and rat traps and poison. Since these rats face more risks, their life expectancy has been on the lower side in comparison with the other fancy rats.

The famous Guinness Book Of World Record has documented the oldest rat by name Rodney which lived more than seven years. This rat belongs to the family of Mitchell, and it is still a mystery how this rat has survived such long years. As on date, there is no study of the longevity of the rats, aspects like diet, environment increase the possibility of their existence. If you are keen on buying a pet rat, online is the best source for finding the right rat-store for you. Before you purchase the rats, read the testimonials that are shared in the websites and make a cross verification to know the credibility of the supplier. Being a lover of animals, you always deserve to have a good pet rat you rightly deserve.

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