Is Microwave Food Bad For Health

Santra Thomes
July 28, 2017

Microwave Food

The microwave is the most popular and convenient household equipment in every kitchen. Though it offers a lot of convenience to everyday cooking, some people claim that eating food cooked in microwaves is dangerous for health. are microwaves bad, is food cooked in microwave less healthy than conventionally prepared food? These are some of the questions that are bothering people who like to live and eat healthily.
Read on to bust some of those myths that are floating around on the internet as well as to calm your mind about those misconceptions around microwave cooking.

Myth 1: Food or water when micro waved forms radiolytic compounds in them. These chemicals which are present in the micro waved food can cause dangerous health hazards.
Truth: Microwaves do not produce any radioactive waves; they are electromagnetic waves which are not robust enough to break the molecules to form radiolytic compounds.

Myth 2: Food cooked in microwave is less nutritious
Truth: It is a misleading piece of information that is being spread, and more and more people are worried about it. Cooking food is the traditional form of boiling or baking or microwave nutrients are reduced when cooked for a long time. This phenomenon is because when exposed to heat, the nutrients break down. On the contrary, since microwave cooks food fast and with minimal quantity of liquid, it preserves nutrients better than any other form of cooking

Myth 3: Eating micro waved food causes cancer.
Truth: This myth has been doing the round for years now and not true. A microwave uses RF radiation which is a low-energy electromagnetic radiation. This low energy radiation is around us all the time irrespective of whether we use the microwave or not. The problems occur with the way microwaves are used, microwaving plastics is a big no as this can lead to cause for cancers.

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