How Good Nutrition Keeps Your Hair Healthy

Santra Thomes
August 11, 2017

People can lose their hair or suffer poor hair condition for many reasons. One reason is a shortage of sulfur. People are not eating as much as they used to because this nutrient is found in animal foods such as meat and milk products. Giving hair what it requires is only half of maintaining its health.

Over 90% of hair is protein. So if enough isn’t eaten in the diet, it can cause hair loss or thin. Many people eat less protein these days, and some go on low protein diets. Foods rich in the full spectrum of amino acids that make up protein, like eggs, for example, can be beneficial to the health of the hair. Lipogaine also helps a great deal in stopping hair fall and for a better insight check their website

Even if enough protein is eaten, some people do not produce enough stomach acid or digestive enzymes. This means the protein in the food is not digested properly. Other nutrients like vitamins and minerals, also necessary for healthy hair, may also not be available to the body to the full extent. This can only be remedied with an overhaul of the diet. To help digest food, enzyme containing supplements may be required.
Water helps feed the hair. Many people drink beverages such as alcohol and coffee that cause a loss of hydration. It is a good idea to drink six to eight glasses of water a day.
For healthy and shiny hair you need adequate amounts of vitamin A. Good sources of this nutrient include dairy products, eggs, and liver. We can also get it in the form of beta carotene from vegetables and fruits. However, to convert beta carotene to vitamin A, adequate thyroid hormones need to be produced. Many people do not have an optimally functioning thyroid.
Vitamin B complex is also needed for healthy hair. Especially vitamin B5, B12, folic acid, inositol, and biotin.
Stress has a negative effect on the body, including the hair. It can deplete B vitamins and other nutrients. Any activity that helps to alleviate stress is valuable. Excessive sugar consumption should also be avoided at this acts as a drain on the body’s B vitamins and minerals.
Finally, good circulation to the scalp is important as this carries oxygen and nutrients to the hair. Exercise in general and scalp massage, in particular, is helpful.
There are lots of hair styling products you might want to bypass too. Hair dyes, for example, almost always damage hair. If it is important that you color your hair, however, change to a gentler hair coloring product. Mousses, spritzes, gels, and sprays have chemical ingredients that dry out hair. Look for products branded all-natural, gentle, or hydrating. Also, avoid maximum hold, ridged styling products since they will make your hair breakable; look for products labeled flexible instead.
If your diet and lifestyle are affecting the health of your hair, a good nutritionist or naturopath can help. Healthy hair is a precondition to fabulous, vibrant hair. Fixing unhealthy hair takes time. While you won’t be able actually to reverse the damage done to your already existing hair, you can correct the conditions that cause the damage, so new hair will come out healthy.

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