Common Mistakes To Avoid While Buying a Remote Car Starter

Santra Thomes
August 8, 2017


A remote car starter as the name indicates helps you to start a car using a remote. By starting your car remotely, you can warm the engine even before you get into the car to drive away on a cold day. It can also be used to defrost windows, open sunroofs, make oxygen sensors up and running, etc. The Newer models of vehicles come pre-built with such a system, but if you don’t have one in your car, this system is easy to install it as a standalone device. A remote car starter is among the best add-ons to your car, there are many manufacturers for remote car starters, but avital remote starters reviews shows happy users. recommends OEM remote car starters, even if your car doesn’t have one, purchasing and installing one is easy if some of these common mistakes are avoided.

Not checking the quality of the remote car starter
For an average user, it is quite difficult to distinguish a high quality remote with that of a low-quality one.
Before going out to your local shop to buy a remote car starter, browse the internet on the best brands available in your area.
Always buy from a trustworthy shop whose choice of products can be trusted. Most likely, these stores care about their reputation and will not sell inferior brands.
Do not trust brands whose U.S.P is D-I-Y. These will usually be low-quality products, as manufacturers of trusted and high-quality brands suggest professionals installing the unit.

Not installing the remote car starter at the same place you bought
Do not buy from a shop which does not install the unit into your car. Most reputed auto repair shops do not install the product if you do not buy from them. You might have to end up getting it fixed from a local shop that might not have the required knowledge to do the fitting.

Buying a remote car starter without enough range
The ‘range’ mentioned in the package of your remote control is considered with no interference due to walls, building, etc. Though most people think that a unit with good range is not critical, consider that you would want to start your car not only from your home or office but in various other places like malls, parking lots, etc. It is prudent to go for a more powerful transmitter to make the best use of your remote car starter.

Not knowing the multiple functions that your remote car starter can provide
Before buying a starter find out what features they have, apart from a remote car starter. Some models do not have any additional functions apart from starting and stopping the engine of your car. While some can defrost windows, heated seats, provide keyless entry, etc.

Not installing the unit through a professional
Some remote car starters are complicated and hence may not be something that can be fixed by a local shop. There are chances that your car might need additional hardware to fit the unit. Hence it is best to get it installed by a professional.

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