7 Ways To Enjoy Your Dinner Without Piling Up On Calories

Santra Thomes
June 8, 2017

There are plenty of reasons and excuses to eat out every day. Monday night calls for a girl’s night out, while Saturday night is for the special date with the cute girl you met in the supermarket. Think of this, you end up adding nearly 250 calories in a day which can lead to weight gain and obesity-related issues.

Few restaurants have gone an extra mile to include the nutritional value of the particular food alongside it. For instance, Hardee’s menu and info give detailed nutritional detail.  According to a report cited in www.everydayhealth.com eating healthy food at restaurant is vital for your health.

7 healthy tips to help you enjoy food without worrying about weight gain.

  1.       Do A Detailed Research

When you are on a strict diet, and restricting yourself to few food items, you might as well do a research to see what the particular restaurant has to offer. There are plenty of online food apps that review restaurants and include their menus for reference.

If you have been waiting to bite into the velvety mousse, plan in advance so you can order the remaining portions of the food accordingly. Eat a piece of fresh fruit or a handful of almonds before leaving to the restaurant. This way you will not go overboard on the bread at the restaurant.

  1.       Order Wisely

When you sit down at the table, request the waiter to bring the chips and dips with the entrees. When the bread is had with the entrée, you will in all probability stick to one or two pieces and concentrate on enjoying the rest of the main course. Stay away from appetizers since it can be a green signal for overeating.

Ask if they serve broth-based tantalizing soups or fresh vegetable dishes. Any food item that is described as rich, creamy or fried is a complete no.

  1.      Choose Your Drink With Care

Drinking in moderation has its own set of advantages. Most of the restaurants serve double the size of what you actually ordered. Enjoy a drink or a fruity dessert, but strictly not both of them. Go for a glass of red wine or vodka if you want to skip the chocolate cake.

Sip your drink slowly along with water or order a new drink so you can concentrate on the new flavor.

  1.       Say Hello To Salads

If you think you can stay healthy by ordering a salad, think again. Most of the salads have a rich dressing and loaded with cheese and dried fruits. Ask them if you can customize your salad or avoid the croutons completely. In case you order vegetables, feel free to ask how they have been prepared. You can later tell the chef to use little oil or butter for you.

  1.       Get Fishy

When you order the main course, order lean meat or fish instead. Steer clear from fried and sautéed food that soak your plate with oil. Choose your favorite 4 dishes and ask the chef for suggestions on the healthiest of the four.

  1.       Share Your Sweets And Desserts

Remember how your mother would advise you to share your sweets with friends, and not gobble them up by yourself? The same rule holds true in this case too. If you start craving for a dessert at the end of the meal, go for a light option or share the dessert with your companions.

If the restaurant serves large slices of cheesecake, ask them for a box so you can take it back home with you.

  1.       Do Not Compromise On The Quality Of The Food

When you dine out, look at the quality of the food served rather than the quantity. Speak to the concerned waiter and inform them if you have any specific food choices so you do not end up disappointed.

Dieting does not have to spell deprivation. Dine out in any of the restaurants and enjoy their cuisine. It’s the challenging task of looking for healthy eating options that really matter.

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