Is Microwave Food Bad For Health

Santra Thomes
July 28, 2017

Microwave Food

The microwave is the most popular and convenient household equipment in every kitchen. Though it offers a lot of convenience to everyday cooking, some people claim that eating food cooked in microwaves is dangerous for health. are microwaves bad, is food cooked in microwave less healthy than conventionally prepared food? These are some of the questions that are bothering people who like to live and eat healthily.
Read on to bust some of those myths that are floating around on the internet as well as to calm your mind about those misconceptions around microwave cooking.

Myth 1: Food or water when micro waved forms radiolytic compounds in them. These chemicals which are present in the micro waved food can cause dangerous health hazards.
Truth: Microwaves do not produce any radioactive waves; they are electromagnetic waves which are not robust enough to break the molecules to form radiolytic compounds.

Myth 2: Food cooked in microwave is less nutritious
Truth: It is a misleading piece of information that is being spread, and more and more people are worried about it. Cooking food is the traditional form of boiling or baking or microwave nutrients are reduced when cooked for a long time. This phenomenon is because when exposed to heat, the nutrients break down. On the contrary, since microwave cooks food fast and with minimal quantity of liquid, it preserves nutrients better than any other form of cooking

Myth 3: Eating micro waved food causes cancer.
Truth: This myth has been doing the round for years now and not true. A microwave uses RF radiation which is a low-energy electromagnetic radiation. This low energy radiation is around us all the time irrespective of whether we use the microwave or not. The problems occur with the way microwaves are used, microwaving plastics is a big no as this can lead to cause for cancers.

Hair Care Tips That Will Make Your Hair Grow Long And Lustrous

Santra Thomes
July 7, 2017

hair care

Coming through that phase of life when everyone tries to give you their piece of advice on hair care is indeed stressful. It’s natural for the mothers to insist on applying oil whereas your peers might suggest a hair spa. Right from oiling to conditioning your hair, there are a lot of options available, but, it is essential for you to make the right choice based on the type of your hair. The portals of offer trendy makeup tips for you to sport a gorgeous look. To add on, the portals of provide updates on the latest beauty outfits, products and deals. So, here you go with some essential hair care tips.

Maintaining your hair
Hair loss is becoming a common problem in all age groups. If you do not keep a proper hair care regime, it fastens the rate of losing hair. Losing about 50 to 75 strands of hair daily while combing is considered normal. Thus, if you look at a few strands of hair in your floor do not panic. But anything more than that requires careful consideration. It is not advisable to wash hair every day. Choose a mild shampoo and conditioner for cleaning your hair. Rinsing off the conditioner is ideal. Use cold water for washing hair.

Do not switch between the hair care products on a regular basis. Never comb wet hair as they are highly prone to breakage. Use gentle movements to brush your hair from the root to the tips. Broad-toothed combs are ideal choices for brushing hair. Trimming your hair can let go of those split ends and rough texture. Every two months, trim your hair for about 1/4th inch to promote better growth.

Home remedies that support hair growth
You can prepare serums and masks for your hair with the ingredients available at home. The prime advantage of using these home remedies is that they are 100 percent safe and natural. When you step out for a party, you can sport those beautiful curls without using a curler or dryer. Similarly, to obtain a wavy and silky hair, say goodbye to the straightener with these tips.

Make your conditioner by mixing few drops of coconut and almond oils. Take an empty bottle. Add 200ml water, ten drops of almond oil and eight drops of coconut oil to it. If you would like a lovely fragrance for your conditioner, use lavender or a few drops of any other aromatic essential oil. Shake the contents well, and your conditioner is ready to use. You can also add a ml of shampoo or conditioner to make a foamy product. When you utilize oils as conditioners, they provide your hair with needed vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids.

A conditioner helps improve the overall hair health by strengthening the roots. It can remove the sebum buildup and prevent hair damage due to harmful sun rays. It eliminates dandruff. Both almond and coconut oils are recommended as ideal conditioners by many hairdressers. It also accelerates hair growth. A proper diet and stress-free life can support the hair growth process along with these tips.

Exciting Features Of The Latest Remote Car Starter

Santra Thomes
July 3, 2017

Car Starter

Do pressing buttons and turning keys exhaust you up? Are you fed up finding your car keys? Then here is a post for you that throws insight on the world of the keyless system. With the technological improvements, the remote car starter has simplified the process of starting your vehicle. The 5906V remote start system offers a keyless entry with more advanced features. some info on the viper 5906v is as follows. It secures your car and avails easy to start features even from a mile away. The trunk pop support simplifies the vehicle access. The portals of arm you with the latest developments happening in the automobile arena. Let’s take a sneak peek preview of the handy features of remote car starter.

An array of improved options
The latest remote car starting system offers huge LCD to look through the settings precisely. The provision for inbuilt rechargeable battery and USB charging port are ideal additions to power the remote. The shock sensors and sirens help keep the car safe. In the smart world, the remote car starter provides quick start system with a timed start. Different functions can be controlled with a few buttons.

The priority user interface arranges the services based on your uses. You can see them displayed on the LCD screen. There is a control center with user-friendly operations. You also have the current temperature check option. The supercode encryption features enhance the security aspects of your vehicle. You can also start your car virtually from anywhere using your smartphone. This facility is available in limited versions.

Insights into keyless entry system
The remote keyless entry was introduced more than a decade ago. It eliminates the need for manually turning a key to unlock the vehicle. The latest trend is the passive keyless entry which offers you the comfort of opening your vehicle and starting the engine without having a car key in your hand. This system works with the help of a paired radio transponder chip. The car gets unlocked as soon as you come closer and gets locked when you move away from the specified range. There are several antennae to identify the signals from the key. Different vehicles have different keyless entry system unique to their design.

Offers more convenience
With the latest remote car starter, you can store the user’s comfort preferences. For instance, as soon as the user comes to an identifiable distance, the car begins to adjust the mirror positions, temperature control, preset seating and radio frequency settings. So, your vehicle gets ready to welcome you in the way you like to drive. Certain models help you to set speed restrictions. So, when your children are driving your vehicle, you can stay rest assured of their speed limit. All these features offer enhanced luxury in your vehicle.

To add on to the benefits, the installation of remote car starter has also reduced the incidence of car robbery. As per the information provided by the National Insurance Crime Bureau, there has been a seven percent reduction in the car theft after the use of these smart systems. So, acquire an upgraded remote car starter and avail a professional installation to enjoy maximum benefits.